We Are A Group of Passionate Designers, Developers, & Digital Marketers

Tenet Technology ensures that we work hard to meet and surpass our client’s expectations, whilst meeting and foreseeing the evergrowing digital demands of our clients

What We Do

Tenet Technology employs a range of integrated services and solutions to help you meet the real-time and connected needs of your municipality and the services you deliver to citizens and customers.

Transacting done with Tenet Technology is purposeful, innovative yet simple and invisible. Connecting our clients through the power of technology, whilst empowering and reshaping how financial services are experienced.

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

Tenet Technology reconnects people to each other
through financial solutions, which are specifically
designed around them.

Driven by Data

A licensed financial services provider offering solutions in:
Payment services, Loan management services, Banking services

Your Users are Our Users

Tenet Technology aims to accelerate financial inclusion
through our scope.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The essence of our brand is centered around
community, offering South Africa an alternative way
to transact within a digital world.

What We Offer

Helping you work smart


Providing citizens with safe, secure transactions and access to relevant account and services information. Online or from the comfort of their mobile device. 24/7, any day of the week.

nsfas mastercard

Tenet aids NSFAS with offering financial technology services that are the best in the industry that is reliable and easy to use at affordable prices.

complaint management system

Centralise your complaint management system. Help your customers resolve their challenges fast. Improve your service delivery.


Aids in helping your employees support transparency, accountability, and manage private and official conflicts of financial interest with ease.

Tenet Technology has no affiliation to T.E.N.E.T (Tertiary Education & Research network of South Africa).